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The Lubricant of Choice for Professionals since 1939

When it comes to lubricants, professionals go with what works. For almost 70 years they've found nothing works better than SlipIt.

SlipIt Sliding Compound is unique in its formulation and efficiency of application. Otis has used it in the elevator industry since 1940 and Pennsylvania House Furniture uses it on drawer and table slides.

We have many loyal customers in the trucking, overhead door, woodworking, and a variety of service industries, including Ritter Manufacturing, the Chicago Transit Authority, and Storage USA.

SLIPIT lubricants are well suited for use on metal, wood, and plastic.

Why SlipIt?
Odorless and non-toxic *
Accepted for incidental food contact *
Works on wood, metal, and plastic
Dialectric; doesn't conduct electricity
Doesn't attract dust and grime
Stays where you spray it
Proven: works better and lasts longer
Best load and wear reduction profiles
*Read label
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