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SLIPIT Professional Grade Lubricant

Because friction is bad for business

That's why professionals in almost every industry - from elevators and trucks to overhead doors - have been turning to SLIPIT as their lubricant of choice for over 70 years. SLIPIT was proven to be superior - no contest - as the best lubricant for load-carrying and wear reduction in rigorous independent testing performed at RPI, one of the top rated engineering schools in the U.S. Easily applied in compound, spray, or liquid, you'll want to turn to odorless, non-toxic, safe SLIPIT.

Because friction is bad for any business. Especially yours.

lw-liquid-smallLW Liquid
w/ silicone
Sliding Compound
w/ silicone
Spray Lubricant
w/ silicone
Silicone Free
Silicone Free
Sliding Compound
Silicone Free
Spray Lubricant