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SlipIt Lubricants have been used in more industries than we can keep track of and it’s a rare day that we don’t hear words of praise from our devoted users. It is our privilege to share just a few of them with you.

“We go through SLIPIT like there’s no tomorrow. Well, we don’t, but Tom Silva, our general contractor does. We’ve been unable to track it down here in Boston and wanted to know if we could buy a case of it over phone.”
- Bruce Irving, Producer, This Old House

“We won a huge contract to vacuum form and assemble over 1,000 plastic enclosures that hold emergency drinking water for trains with 28 stainless steel rivets in each one. Stainless steel rivets are notoriously hard to set and these were no exception. We were having jamming in the rivet guns every 20 minutes which required disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the gun. We sprayed SLIPIT tool lube on the gun jaws and solved the problem. Thank you SLIPIT!”
- Wayne Schaeffer, President, Usheco Inc.

“We use SLIPIT every day. Overhead door open and close quietly. No rust on roller chains for power gates. Metal drawer slides, aluminum sliding windows. I’m constantly finding new uses.”
- J.F. U.S. Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA

"It's fantastic. We have never seen any lubricant that compares."
- Nick Christy, President, Day and Nite Door Service, Anaheim CA

"We've used SLIPIT for 20 years: excellent and cost effective. In every type of environmental condition, SLIPIT simply works better. It lasts longer, is completely safe and inhibits rust. Keep up the good work."
- Mike Kattan, Senior Vice President Vortex Industries

“We use SLIPIT for anything that sticks or doesn’t move well. Hinges, hatches, latches, lock cylinders, you name it.”
- David Whittaker, Service Manager, Thruway Nissan, Kingston, NY